Seaside Property by Ultra Architects

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Seaside Residence is a private residence located in Poland.

It was completed by Ultra Architects in 2013.

Seaside Property by Ultra Architects:

“The plot of land for which this creating design has been designed is positioned in Marcelin district, close to a single of the most critical gateways to Poznań, namely Ławica airport. It is integrated in a neighborhood location development prepare, with developing alignment, gross covered region, and the quantity of floors precisely specified. One of the characteristic functions of the plot is its form – rhombus.

Due to the fact of all these parameters, it appeared that it was the rhombic form of the plot (with 2 patios adding light workplace runs) that grew to become an optimum constructing plan – a single giving us a chance of using the location in a rational and logical manner. We transferred the dynamism of the layout to the elevation, producing most of the finishing aspects inclined at the very same angle as the layout.

The website is located a significant distance form the extremely centre of the city, and as a result we indulged ourselves in finishing the elevations with 2 varieties of wood – materials absent from the compact city development. Other resources employed consist of graphite coloured aluminium sun shades, and architectural concrete.”

Images by: Jeremi Buczkowski

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