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Residencia Alameda Campinas By Mauricio Arruda Arquitetos & Designers

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Residencia Alameda Campinas is situated in São Paulo, Brazil, and was made by Mauricio Arruda Arquitetos & Designers.

The 517-square-foot apartment was remodeled in 2011 in buy to make the most out of restricted space.

Residencia Alameda Campinas by Mauricio Arruda Arquitetos & Designers:

“After 10 years living in this 48m² (517 ft²) apartments, the client´s 1st demand, a 40 12 months-outdated bachelor, was not to try out to persuade him to move to a bigger place. Utilised to residing alone in a lowered dimension area, and aware of its limitations, the owner asked for a comprehensive transformation of its interior, from layout to finishing, to lightning.

The aim was to increase by way of the unity of both floors of this duplex apartment, the project has a restricted color and materials pallet. Between the furnishings the sofa, a 1962 Sergio Rodrigues´ Tonico – currently owned by the consumer – was the commencing level for the ground floor, influencing the assembly of shapes colours and texture of the projects. In the upper floor, the caviúna panel, also from the 60´s and owned by the client´s loved ones, covering the wall on the bed´s headrest dictated the utilization of light wood and color in the intimate spot.

To invert the usually utilized “wooden floor and white walls” combo, white epoxy painting in excess of the present ipê floor was utilized on both floors and the walls were covered by a mix of gray and beige, identified in the style globe as “greyge”, which embraces the sobriety and masculinity of gray with a touch of warmth from the brown tones.

The woodwork from the ground floor has ebonized finishing, each in the residing room´s shelves and in the kitchen cabinets. The only exceptions to the black-white-greyge pallet are the kitchen´s floral cement tiles, the Moroccan Berber carpet and the illustrations that compose his Brazilian vintage collection.

In the upper pavement black is replaced by caviúna and feijó´s natural tones and by the glossy finished cobalt blue in the maincloset. Another closet with mirror covered doors separates the bedroom from the bathroom. “Palhinha”, a conventional Brazilian finishing covers the door that grants accessibility to the laundry area, located by the bathroom covered with gray tiles on the floor and glossy white vintage-looking ceramic on the walls.

To pass the feeling of a greater ceiling the walls´ baseboards had been removed and the lightning are stored to just a pendant light more than the kitchen counter and a ceiling light near the bedroom closets – respectively from the 60´s and 70´s. The rest of the apartment is illuminated at evening by created-in lights to the woodwork and by the table lamps by the sofas and bed.”

First Degree
Second Level

Pictures by: Fran Parente

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