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Residence Tunquén by Branko Pavlovic & Pablo Lobos-Pedrals

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Residence Tunquén, designed by Branko Pavlovic & Pablo Lobos-Pedrals, is located in Tunquén, Chile.

The house overlooks the sea, and its interior is clean and uniform, the predominant material getting rough, crude wood.

Home Tunquén by Branko Pavlovic & Pablo Lobos-Pedrals:

“The residence is situated in an region with a intrincate topography, 35 meters (115 feet) over the Pacific Ocean, in Tunquén seashore. The dramatic slope is understood from a resignation to the inevitable require to build livable floorplans.

The house is designed as a lightweight volume, fully in pine wood, set on a concrete base that links to the rockiness of the ground. On the outside, it has worked as a steady black shell that has been cut and detached from the cover and from the ground, to deliver up the openings of the windows. By contrast, the interiors are steady and neutral. White grout on the walls and ceiling serves to preserve right up until dusk the organic light in the within, and to reveal the range of colours of the environment, the Pacific Ocean, the twilight, and the vegetation, that seems in constant movement and transformation.

There is a generously sized area for mothers and fathers, and 2 smaller sized for the kids. A big typical space, that includes the living space, the dinning area and the kitchen, functions as an articulator of the 3 “arms” of the house.

The aggregates and wood used had been founded in the immediate region, very same for the furniture in Kitchen, dining area and residing space, manufactured of recycled wood from outdated houses of Valparaiso. We like to think that there is some connection between the heights of these new spaces and heights of the previous houses and salons from which these woods came from.

There is not power line in the area. That’s why the property is fed by a program of solar panels and a pump that draws water from wells, falling by gravity and feeding the house, getting an completely independent and autonomous technique. This puts the user in a place of austerity, very far from the massive energy consumption of the large city.”

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Pictures by: Felipe Fontecilla

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