Residence in Rubí by BETA Workplace ARCHITECTS

House in Rubí is a personal residence developed by BETA Workplace ARCHITECTS.

It is situated in Rubí, Barcelona, Spain, and covers an location of 5,500 square feet.

Residence in Rubí by BETA Office ARCHITECTS:

“The hefty and the light meet each other at the very same language. Absence of colours but reflections multiplies. None of this is incompatible with the architecture that serves and displays with out complicated the efficiency and comfort for the user’s daily life.

A 2-dimensional geometric twinning of the 2 main parts of the developing, which with out their gear, the third piece of services, that looks out the rear, and the partnership between them, it would be nothing much more than a shallow make contact with.

This is how could be geometrically summarized this detached dwelling projected by the team Beta Workplace Architects. This property has a surface of 287 sqm (3,090 sqft) constructed in a rectangular plot of 511 sqm (5,500 sqft). It consists of a basement, ground and initial floor. It is situated in Rubí, a town near Barcelona.

The property is projected for a 4 member family the main necessity for the task was that the housing had to be accessible to handicapped people within and outside the creating, so we took all the necessary foresights, including the set up of a lift making it possible for the vertical mobility among all the distinct floors, such as the basement, in which there is the parking spot outside the developing there are several ramps assisting the household members to move in direction of all the backyard.

The practical plan consists in the basement of a parking spot, storage services, installations space and the lobby. On the ground floor there is the primary accessibility from the street, consisting of a stairwell and an elevator there is also the toilet, kitchen with dining space, living area, laundry room and 2 single bedrooms for the children of the family with a shared bathroom. On the very first floor it is located the double bedroom suite, with dressing room, storage for clothing, a study and a terrace.

Outdoors the building, Beta Workplace architects proposed a swimming pool for the family members, getting the dimensions and the entry to it in accordance to the needs present in the whole venture. The pool is surrounded by gardened areas and a porch, immediately communicated with the dining space and the kitchen.”


Photographs by: Miquel Coll Molas

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