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Plane Property by K Studio

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Plane Residence is a private residence created by K Studio.

It is positioned on Skiathos Island, Greece, and was designed with the intention of enjoying the outside as considerably as the indoors.

Plane Home by K Studio:

“Summer in the Greek islands is all about being outdoors. The aim of the Plane House is to merge inner and external room, maximising the rewards of the 2 and minimising the affect on the surrounding landscape.

To stay away from block volumes that split and dominate area, horizontal planes are inserted into the slope, immediately supplying ranges for sunbathing, sleeping and consuming, as well as huge, open spot of shade. They cool and shade the area beneath while allowing the flow of sunlight and keeping the spectacular 270 degree see over the coastline. Room between the planes is defined by various versatile panels and glazed screens. Designated cooking, eating and rest zones are offset from every other to supply cosiness with no sacrificing openness.

The pool is strategically positioned to take pleasure in the view but also to produce a cooling breeze in excess of the terrace and into the house as the north wind flows uphill and over its surface. Photovoltaic panels power the pool mechanics and grey-water is recycled and utilised for irrigation, toilet flushing and fire extinguishing. The landscape is respected and continues more than the green roof plane, creeps up along the site boundaries and penetrates vertically by way of the roof as current trees stand in the space, undisturbed.

The strong identity of the concrete planes produces a strong narrative on approaching the property from the coastal road that winds under. From a distance the planes are distinctively separated but as you draw nearer and strategy the residence from the side, the viewpoint alters closing the gap in between them. On arrival and on entering the space they component after far more, opening to reveal the breathtaking view and allow the fresh air movement by means of.”

Pictures courtesy of K Studio

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