Pabellon-S by Taller Diez 05

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Pabellon-S is a venture made by Taller Diez 05.

It is located in Boca del Río, Veracruz, Mexico, and was finished in 2013.

Pabellon-S by Taller Diez 05:

“Located in the south of Veracruz City in Mexico, the Pavilion – S is an annex of an existing dwelling house that has the intention to accommodate diverse complementary makes use of as a multifunctional room.

In terms of layout, the architectural concept is originated from the idea of INSERTION to an present contained area with typological and normal default problems.

As this was an established consolidated dwelling, there were specific typology facets to place onto consideration that established the environmental space from the website such as: vertical apertures, flares, lattices and historical reminiscences of San Juan de Ulúa historic fortress, that were the starting up stage to analyze the major signs to shaped completely this undertaking.

Even though getting compromised by a magnificent current green location, the strategy altered on producing minimum contact with the adjacencies and fully structured vegetation components, taking advantage of the organic views to the immediate environment.

At the exact same time this intervention was situated in an spot of the residence that allowed the visibility of an present green wall, that is why the total notion was creating a block that compresses the interior system by way of a “Spatial Bond or Belt”, releasing its longitudinal fronts, where the see from the dwelling is predominant.

To formally define the creating, the Pavilion is connected to the present building trough a wood box connector as a hyperlink among these 2 aspects there is a concrete wall framing the living area location where gently will get involved with a narrow zone of vegetation.”

Floor Program

Photos by: Luis Gordoa

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