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One particular bedroom apartment with interesting information

1-blue curtains

Studio apartment can be a vibrant and exciting factor come to almost everything with panache. The residing space has high ceilings, due to this, it appears really spacious, the floor in the area is black and appears really stunning and fascinating.

2-beautiful refrigerator

The entire apartment is a modest area like a magic home, the kitchen has stunning white refrigerator streamlined, on which stands the image and lay subjects. Paul laid out a gorgeous mosaic tiles and the kitchen has lovely black organic wood flooring, and amongst the living area and kitchen on the wall built Television, which merges with the wall.


Bathroom, even though not great , but it’s okay , you must spend attention to the sink, she seems to be wonderful , particularly the architectural head, in which the hidden plumbing . More than a black tip and a big is huge and relaxed shell snow white. The bathroom has a toilet handy, but on the contrary is a bathroom on the Sun The wall in the bathroom is a mirror that visually increases space in common. The bathroom has shelves that are created into the wall, they can put accessories for every day upkeep.

4-bed on the second floor

The second floor apartment has a bedroom, which has a large and comfortable bed, also has a comfortable light, and shelving of books, which can be re-study. Mattress dark blue velvet materials complements the small space.

5-Walk-in closet

For a gorgeous blue door, is the most important and favorite place of girls – lovely dressing area, where you can shop issues.

6-black kitchen

The kitchen is really tiny – but functional, there is a modest stove, sink, across the length of the kitchen apart quite photographs. There is also a relaxed Cupboard.

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