New York design in the interior

1-beautiful bed

New York style – a mixture of all styles, which is reminiscent of skyscrapers, is the necessary use of big and open windows. The most productive use of this type – the trend of loft. Americans have a tendency to reside larger, they like skyscrapers, lofts, open terraces, which are at high altitude.

New York fashion – it is a nicely thought out and practical interior, the place there are no superfluous and unneeded products. The interior of the loft design employs fewer rooms, and a big open space, often utilized – the studio. In a loft area ought to really feel, and full freedom.

Furniture, loft-style you want to use unusual and fascinating kinds. For illustration – it may be furnished by mentioned designers as colour, blocks, squares, frameless furniture, but not a classic . Furnishings ought to decide on water style and one particular color. The New York type can not be extremely vibrant and catchy. Loft fashion – must be rigid, and exciting practical. Ideally selected materials – normal. INTERIOR DECORATION wall can be decorated can be like a brick wall, red, without plaster.

Textiles in interior perform an important role, and there is a huge loft style option, greatest to use silk, felt, and cotton. Loft fashion – is largely open area. Loft design can not be with a good deal of walls. Interior decorates fascinating and beautiful photos, paintings, sculptures well-liked from well-liked designers. The most common use of the New York -type use of graffiti on a wall Or the use of gorgeous and interesting tablets , which typically can be identified in the city, or a signal on the machine . And the main job – to use a small amount of furnishings, with rounded shapes.

3-dark living room

4-room without doors 5-huge living room 6-large window 10-kitchen in the style of New York -dining area -long table -spacious living room

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