Mosman Property by Anderson Architecture

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Australian studio Anderson Architecture, in collaboration with interior style company MacKenzie Design Studio, completed the Mosman House task.

The architects created this extention to a home located in Mosman, a suburb on the Reduce North Shore of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia.

Mosman Property by Anderson Architecture:

“The Mosman task concerned opening up the existing rear half of the house to far better engage with the backyard. As the rear of the house faces north, the extension was created to capitalise on passive solar techniques to reduce heating and cooling charges.

These techniques contain north dealing with windows which permit sunlight to pass into the home and onto the thermally huge green-concrete slab which merchants heat, thereby minimizing heating charges for the duration of winter. The use of sustainable, recycled and locally sourced timber and hardwoods featured all through the project for finishes, shingles and flooring, most notably on the staircase to the 1st floor.

The extensive use of LED and lower-watt light fittings, complimented with solar hydronic floor and water heating, which each minimise the amount of electrical power required to electrical power the residence. The use of lower VOC paint on the project’s steelwork during development minimised the volume of harmful vapours released into the atmosphere whilst the 2.1kW photovoltaic solar panels and 32 000L of rainwater storage help make the property more self-adequate towards electrical power and water consumption.”

Photos by: Anthea Williamson

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