M&M Residence by Bonina Arquitetura

By Magaly • 42 mins in the past

M&M Residence is a personal residence situated in São Paulo, Brazil.

It was completed in 2013 by Bonina Arquitetura.

M&M Property by Bonina Arquitetura:

“An open underground, bound at the ends by 2 walls created of brick salvaged from the old property that existed on the website. This was the starting up point for the project.

2 blocks with exposed concrete supports, make the slender reliable slabs cantilever in excess of this room. A block is connected to the other by way of metal walkways. As a result we receive a spatiality that mixes indoor-outdoor, upper-decrease ranges, intimate-social places, urban – natural.

The plan is distributed inside the space that plays with the void, sometimes displayed and sometimes hidden. Even a “Pau Ferro” stud is portion of this play, and invades the room in an uninhibited way.

A lightweight metal structure rests on leading of the 2 blocks, in which the technical services are found, and supports the solarium developed on prime of the developing.

Resources used in the task contain demolition wood, exposed concrete, cement burned white, iron, demolition brick, white gravel. The components used in the residence look for authenticity.”

Pictures by: Tony Chen

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