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Minimalist Apartment With Turquoise Walls, Laconic Furniture And Loads Of Recesses


The Hostesses:
Mary and Hanna, interior designers

Quantity of rooms: 2
Metric area: 37 m²
Ceiling height: 2.6 m
Floor quantity: 3

A tiny apartment in outdated Petersburg belongs to 2 sisters – Hanna and Mary. The girls purchased it 2 years in the past and renovated inside of a couple of months. Designers by occupation, the sisters worked out the interior plan underneath their own steam.

As the layout of 1910 proved to extremely handy, it was left unchanged. For the sake of comfort, shifted was just a kitchen door. As for the bathroom, it used to be organized proper in the middle of the kitchen and was re-located by the earlier dweller.

Turquoise wall colour of the flat was inspired by a blue table set presented by buddies. Initially all supporting walls featured 50-cm deep recesses, which have been turned into systems of shelves. Whilst mounting plastic windows, a brick fell out of the wall to turn into a decorative interior element. 90 % of the furnishings is IKEA’s.

Because Mary and Hanna frequently operate from property, the lodging serves as an office + studio at the same time. The interior is accessorized with tiny things brought from travels and copies of Maurits Escher and Burne Hogarth made by the women. Bookshelves are filled with numerous books on interior layout and architecture.

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Authentic door leaves have been restored and painted white. A fridge box with plastic doors is arranged below a kitchen windowsill. Decorative bottles were identified on a marketplace, blue baskets — in Zara House.

21-room-interior 22-chair-and-tables 23-tv 24-at-table

A kitchen set by IKEA was supplemented with created-in equipment and produced as neat as possible to match properly into the lounge and operating zones.

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