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Lovely residence in Beverly Hills

1-a pretty picture

This gorgeous residence is surrounded by a diversity of stunning trees, which are a diverse color. This residence is owned by an adorable and interesting pair of optimistic gay males. In this property they started to equip from scratch, it was tough, but it was really worth it, because they have a genuinely exciting and gorgeous residence that is convenient and comfortable to dwell large household.

2-beautiful plate

The home consists of 4 members of the family members Max Muchnik, Eric Hyman, and 2 gorgeous daughters Rose and Evan. Muchnik functions in the popular Television series, and Hyman is a attorney. They married in the backyard of his outdated house, which when set off soon after the ceremony, and started to construct a new residence.

3-blue carpet

Rebuilt the house and helped to organize the area Tim Campbell. He convinced the operating rooms and corridors into a relaxed and spacious sitting space. The ceilings and walls of the room vivid and white, simply because the owners needed to see my property vibrant and cheerful.

4-summer terrace

Offered the various tastes of the household, it was resolved to invite the designer and decorator Melinda Ritz, it genuinely helped them with the correct and appropriate style, which came to each spouses. tastes of the family members, it was made a decision to invite the designer and decorator Melinda Ritz, it truly helped them with the appropriate and suitable layout, which came to each spouses.

5-Minimal bathroom

Part of the theatre was decorated in the style of the British men’s club in the property a massive quantity of barrels of organic dark wood and shabby, a spacious bathroom and big in the form of an outdated barber shop, next stand leather chairs, and a most unusual choice as an alternative of tiles, a specific water-resistant plastic.

6-blue cushion 7-bright apples 8-winter garden 9-comfortable kitchen 10-beautiful chandelier 11-beautiful garden 12-doors to the garden 13-Gays and their family 14-ound table

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