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Lovely information of Esprit Residence


Path and design issues from the “Esprit Home” – it’s all cute and interesting specifics that look fantastic, are not only stunning, but also properly collectively. These specifics incorporate from big carpets, to the smallest of white vases, and even light-colored wallpaper, stunning frames for photographs, bath accessories, pillows, candle holders appear really harmoniously, and they have brilliant colors, or bedding, and have a delicate color gamma.

2-beautiful plaid

The complete area is surrounded by objects “Esprit Residence”, a stunning and cozy blanket is made in the middle of knitting, colors selected are extremely lovely, like a warm wave of the sea, has shades: white, gray, blue.

3-cute vases

Beautiful hollow vases are made of all-natural material, and on all the vases glued stunning white flowers this kind of vases seem extremely cute and rather.

4-beautiful frames

The framework also with the white color inside the frames are gorgeous decorative lace strips that will appeal to focus.

5-cute candles

Tiny glass candle holders in a variety of delicate shades are also lacy patterns, which is also in the frame.

6-white roses

Vases are produced in the most easy design and style, these vases have a special mood in the interior, they look luxurious, but also really straightforward. These vases can be deemed the all-natural elegance, due to the fact it is less difficult to see in the most easy items.

7-Details on white vases

Thin and all-natural materials give the interior a unique originality and uniqueness. The interior of this kind of items are minimalist, and a certain philosophy.

8-white basket

Warm blankets, gorgeous baskets white, white sinks, and even dried flowers of books search a tiny pale and neutral and go well with white.

9-beautiful knitted rug

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