Lovely apartment in Montreal

10-spacious hallway

Gorgeous and exciting apartment positioned in the lovely town of Montreal. This apartment has been done in a straightforward shed. The renovation was done superbly. The apartment has a spotless bathroom, kitchen, large room in the apartment, intriguing and gorgeous furniture.

9-chic shower

Bathroom and shower space is created in a traditional style, lined with small vibrant tiles, which sets the mood of the morning. In the bathroom, all minimal, a small shelf for soap and brush.

8-bright kitchen

Kitchen – the dream of each and every housewife! Vibrant and spacious, there is a excellent outlet to the terrace, a perform area, which is also a breakfast location.

7-bright kitchen

All cabinets in the kitchen does not have handles and lock together and stunning. Color light walnut cabinets and furnishings and tabletop white.

6-gray sofa

Residing massive, it is divided into many places – kitchen, dining table, and among them there is a seating region where there is a big corner sofa.

5-Vintage staircase

The complete room – large and spacious loft has a stunning and a superb place, there is no excellent walls and large windows, which are positioned along the total wall. And there is vintage staircase that prospects to the second story.

4-beautiful table

Above the dining table is a beautiful lamp in the shape of a enormous light bulb, positioned near the dining table and white bookcase.

3-white bookcase

On the other side of the rack stands, desktop personal computer with a huge, this has a simple form with a beautiful chair that is designed for the personal computer.

2-spacious hallway

Lengthy corridor and spacious rooms are shared, noticeable shelving and exit to the terrace. Wooden floor in the room and quite beautifu.

1-blue tile

Bathroom with a gorgeous and blue tile. Bathroom furnishings is clean, matte texture, compact bathroom and practical. In spite of the blue colour – it seems extremely harmonious.

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