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Lovely apartment in Brazil


This bright apartment is found in Brazil, with blue and green hues, this interior was developed by Guilherme Torre. These apartments incorporate 145 square meters. Earlier this apartment looked various she did not like their owners, and they have aided in the designers.

2-blue walls

The interior employs a polymer cement, in shades of blue, and shades of mint, and the other side is totally covered with wooden planks.

3-beautiful chair

Just outdoors the front door is a large pillar, it blends well with the dining table.

4-wooden wall

The kitchen furniture is lacquered and painted black, has a comfy perform area, and multi-perform appliances.

5-glossy table

The dining table in the living space attributes a glossy finish with a wonderful touch of mint.

6-round tables

The furnishings in the interior was created to purchase, and it blends properly with other objects, and the colour is the very same colour of mint, dark blue.

7-beautiful patterns

The ceiling has a variety of exciting shapes, as if he stands on the wall has an fascinating style that is meaningless, but simply appears useful.

8--beautiful patterns

Opposite the wall gently mint colour is a long, reduced dresser with an fascinating black ribbed construction in which you can find books, phone, magazines and other accessories. In the course of the get together or celebration can be organized meals and drinks.

9-white chairs

Chairs about the dining table has an fascinating form for a relaxed stay, and are streamlined for humans.

10-round draw

The kitchen has a corner place, the furniture has a somewhat glossy black and matte texture at the same time, not a traditional tile is set up, and the entire length. Opposite the doing work spot has white window blinds.

11-fridge in the wall

The refrigerator was produced ​​as a constructed-in wardrobe, wall clad with normal planks, chairs are quite gorgeous and have the form of a white egg with a dent.

12-minimum bedroom

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