Lovely apartment hotel in the Maldives


Gorgeous apartment located in the Maldives. Wonderful blue and azure water, which pleases its warmth, attractiveness, and blue water. This beautiful hotel named Cheval Blanc Randheli. Shut to the hotel there are waves, water. The hotel also suggests exciting and modest houses.


The interior uses only organic and superior fabrics that are utilized in the Maldives. Natural resources in the interior look harmonious and cozy. Around the houses have gorgeous blooming flowers and palm trees. Every single space has a plurality of windows open, some do not even have glasses, and basically closed shutters.


The bathroom has a contemporary interior, stand close to the beautiful chairs, like the time when an individual takes the bathroom, the other can read through the book, which is very handy for a young couple.


The living room is spacious, has a wall as an alternative of gorgeous and interesting partitions, the house itself totally. Open on all sides noticeable street and stunning nature. In the living room, the colour of sand, dark brown, light green hues, there is a comfortable sofa in which you can loosen up in the shade, do not overlook the street.

5 Ceiling true function of art, and function long handmade, gorgeous and plaited bamboo and tied with a rope and bridges and seems extremely great.


Camping in principle has no walls, only tiny partitions divide the area and divide the property into zones: bathroom, bedroom, desk. Near cots are modest ottomans. The space has a gray and matte colour that seems quite good.


Bedroom and residing room offers a magnificent see of the sea, nature, and the terrace, there are no windows, only broad passage, security can not be afraid. The only difficulty is the penetration of insects.


Pleasant area of the house, has not only beauty, but also a lovely swimming pool in the residence, this selection is for those who do not wish to rest on the sand, but prefers sun loungers and a cool pool.

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