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Lovely Apartment For Single Men


Guys’s bedroom – a spot exactly where generally no entry, if a guy lives alone, his bedroom undoubtedly will not be pink, but rather the opposite shade. The furniture need to be cozy, sensible. Bach can make the bedroom, he are not able to pay attention to the opinions of other people, and to do as he likes.

2-wall light

This bedroom is completed in dark colors on the bed with a touch of burgundy, positioned behind the bed light bar, which is located on the total wall.


The bathroom can be done in shades of beige and brown, you can add a golden hue, and add chrome accessories for the shower.

4-beautiful table

Men, like girls, they like to appear in the mirror, so you need to set up it in the bathroom, close to the mirror can be positioned a soft and pleasant light. Table prime will search great with organic wood.

5-living room

The living area will look great in beige shades, with wicker and wood furnishings. The floor should be lighter than the entire interior. Far better to select furnishings with useful materials, simply because often guys are not extremely exact.


The workplace must be very neat and sensible, it must be in their seats at the table can lay a lot of books and notebooks and working papers. Must have appropriate lighting and small accessories.

7-living room

The living room can be in the darkest colours, as a rule, guys like all dark colors in a classic type. The space can be placed big shelves with books, journals or collections.

8-beautiful bed

The classic edition of bedrooms in blue, and shades of blue, and of program linen striped, combined with all-natural wood furniture.

9-shades of brown

Some men choose not only the darker shades in the bedroom, but with a light beige shades, and the furniture and bedding can be dark in colour, and the rug, you can choose a light colour.

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