Loft-style apartment in Kiev

9-wide armchair

Little loft positioned in the beautiful and interesting city with a stunning identify Kiev. The apartment has a tiny and modest location of 56 square meters. The interior is quite cozy apartment in a stunning loft design, the colours are really neutral and calm. All rooms are very practical and linked allocated and not even obvious that this one particular space. For example 1 of the zones separated closet, is appropriate for up to a single guy, or for college students, younger couples, which is just beginning a daily life collectively.

8-neat toilet

Toilet in the apartment light beige colour, it is totally lined with beige tiles. Situated over the toilet shelf for magazines and toilet paper with light.

7-brick headboard

The bedroom is small bedside produced decorative brick wall red brick wall search quite harmonious with gray linen.

6-bedside table in the form of a tooth

In 1 part of the front room is a sofa gray and near exciting chair resembling a clothespin, or a tooth.

5-bright carpet

Following to the sofa in the residing location, the floor is paved with beautiful planks of light wood, the floor is a beautiful rug with diverse colors and distinct shapes. Nearby stands a white chest of drawers exactly where you can put things, books, and other appurtenances.

4-birdies on the tile

The kitchen is very unique design, the operating region is separated with gorgeous tiles that the host portion of the picture tile with birds.

3-white kitchen

The most spacious kitchen area in the apartment, there are a function location and a dining evils.

2-beautiful lamp

Sign trimmed in red brick and beautiful, as in the bedroom, which is quite great shared areas of the home.

1-gray sofa

A massive window in the room, which makes it possible for daylight to get across the area, flanked by hanging lovely and brown curtains. Stands beside the sofa gorgeous lamp that directs light to a single point, this kind of as reading through books.

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