Little apartment in Sweden

1-beautiful bathroom

This stunning apartment is constructed in Scandinavian fashion. The apartment is only 41 square meters. In this apartment a truly huge bit of operational objects. The apartment is small, but really snug and inviting. Thanks Scandinavian design interior, the apartment looks considerably larger and much more roomy.

2-simple toilet

In the shower area not stand, but there is a basic water drain. The walls in the bathroom gray. Gray color in this apartment a very harmonious and present not only in the bathroom, but also has a residing area. Toilet really simple, traditional and clean. Classic wash basin, white.

3-interesting cap

This tiny accessory – a low string with clothespins gorgeous, you can hang photographs, beads, hats, or sweet notes.

4-blue wallpaper

The kitchen is quite stunning light and roomy. The table is extremely beautiful and exciting, the wall hung with lovely dark blue wallpaper. Figure reminds beautiful sprigs of flowers.

5-beautiful shelves

Functioning wall is decorated with beautiful and modest tiles and mosaics. Shelves white opening that does not clutter the space.

6-white kitchen

Furniture in the kitchen is actually cozy and classic, white countertops – walnut colour, smooth surface. Storage lockers in a area hung along the ramparts.

7-white kitchen

The kitchen in the apartment is the most original in terms of gloss, a white wall, and the other with blue and vivid wallpaper.

8-small restroom

In a tiny apartment also has a dressing space, regardless of the reality that it is low, but there are also cozy dressing tables.

9-simple bed

Sleeper modest but quite thick. Succeeding to the bottom is a easy bedside light.

10-white bed

Bedroom in a area separated by a tiny wall with the residing space seems to be extremely proportionate and sensible.

11-beautiful sofa

Assets of this apartment is that there are windows that dominate the 2 positions.

12-white table

Referable to the big daylight apartment seems airy. The carpet in the space is likewise blank, round coffee table, and easily removable.

13-small towel

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