Linear House by Studio B Architects

By Magaly – Classes: Art, Bathroom, Bedroom, Bookshelf, Decorative Equipment, Dining Area, Fireplace, Furniture, Homes, Interior Style, Kitchen, Landscaping, Lighting, Living Space, Staircase, Review Area, Swimming Pool   

Linear Residence is a personal residence found in Aspen, Colorado.

It was designed by Studio B Architects, and supplies both a cozy refuge from the cold and a spectacular perch from which to gaze at the lush peaks that surround it.

Linear Residence by Studio B Architects:

“The 22-acre site is fully hidden from the public, is at an elevation of 9500 feet and has spectacular views to the Elk Mountain Variety. The horizontal L-shaped strategy seems to float and rests on a partially buried stone plinth.

The upper degree program is made up of the public places of the undertaking and homes the mediation area, library and master suite.

This remedy offers views from all rooms and a rooftop terrace accessed from the inner courtyard has a viewing platform and sitting area.

An exterior stair divides the decrease level and accesses the rear courtyard underneath the upper plan. Materials consist of Japanese Plaster, teak siding, teak glazing method, zinc and chiseled stone.”

First Level

Photographs by: Derek Skalko

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