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Lace accessories and elements in the interior

1-white lace

The utilization of the lace merchandise in the interior started in France. Lace is quite pricey and exquisite textiles and add-ons, as all the function is accomplished by hand. Every accessory is constructed of lace has a specific pattern that will usually look sophisticated and refined.

3-stationery set

The objects to store items such as cosmetics and stationery sets, in today’s planet there are a lot of products with lace and it can be a variety of resources, and can be an exciting object in the interior.

4=lacy shade

Lace floor lamps and house lighting can make your very own, or buy a lamp with lace patterns.

5-lace dresser

Any furniture you can decorate lace patterns or laces napkins, or create a straightforward decoupage an outdated dresser, in the type of Shabby – chic.

5-lace wallpaper

The wall can be embellished with care. Lace panels, it can be simple and beautiful lace doily placed in the human body, which decorate the interior and make it sophisticated.

6-lace floor

In the interior you can cause a vibrant lace floor, or acquire a tie or a good huge carpet thread that will take in the interior cozy and magical.

7-lace in a frame

Lace products can be ordered in tiny frames, or pick frames with little lace trim. Circling the frame can make your personal making use of a diaper that can be starched.

Foto: Martin von Brömssen

Beautiful curtains with lace trim in the interior may possibly search quite stylish, this selection is easy and not expensive.

10-lacy pillows

Lace pillows in an interior appear extremely cute, and touching in the interior, you can use them wherever you wish to create a lovely ambience.

12-contrasting combination

Lace and gorgeous bedspreads decorate your bed, they can not only be finely bound, but also massive knitting.

22-lace valance

The bed can be adorned with a luxurious 4-poster bed, a bedroom that will create a cute and cozy.

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