La Sentinelle by naturehumaine

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La Sentinelle is a private residence situated in Lac de la Cabane, Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard, Canada.

It was created by naturehumaine and finished in 2013.

La Sentinelle by naturehumaine:

“After selling their earlier country home due to the fact of the lack of natural light, a couple and their 3 kids made the decision to get an empty whole lot and construct a customized house to greater suit their needs. They located a parcel of land with southern publicity at huge views of the lake ‘Lac-de-la-Cabane’.

The constraints of the website led to an L shaped footprint the place an east-west oriented rectangular block was positioned at the leading of the topography, and a north-south oriented block was slid underneath. The upper block consists of the living spaces and master bedroom, and the reduce block, also known as the ‘kids zone’, contains the 3 children’s bedrooms and a video games area.

A folded roof rises from the decrease block covering the upper block and extending towards the cliffs edge as if it were about to get off, reminiscent of the wings of a bird. We see the property as a bird sitting at the edge of the cliff overlooking the lake, which is the place its nickname ‘The Sentinel’ comes from.”

Photos by: Adrien Williams

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