La Branche by DMOA Architecten

Belgian architectural firm DMOA Architecten has designed La Branche.

This 6,050 square foot, modernized property is situated in Heverlee, Belgium.

The marriage amongst an previous, woodland hunters rest cabin and sleek, contemporary architectural layout elements provides way to a location devoid of time.

La Branche by DMOA Architecten:

“The undertaking is a peaceful blend of outdated and new. The new part is a sober black canvas searching at the garden from behind the previous walls. In a number of areas remnant parts of the outdated walls are stored as backyard components, an aspect that strengthens the ambiance.

When you walk by means of the property you come to feel constantly that you are in a nexus amongst outdated and new.

The task consists of the renovation of an outdated resting spot for hunters in the woods of Heverlee (Belgium), transforming it in an relaxed and present day dwelling for a loved ones with 4 kids. One particular of the 3 wings of the U-compositions was removed except of the facade wall, which stays with the identify that gave title to the outdated refuge and now to its renovation “La Branche”.

The sides created of brick have the personal rooms of the family meanwhile the dark volume accommodate the living and the kitchen in permanent connection with the pool and the outdoors garden.

The dark colors of the interior design and style contrast with the large brightness that will get within through the big windows.”

Images by: Thomas Janssens

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