Karuna Residence by Holst Architecture

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Karuna Property is a residential venture overlooking the Willamette Valley, in Oregon.

It was developed by Holst Architecture.

Karuna Residence by Holst Architecture:

“Karuna Residence is an ambitious sustainable design and style venture that was developed to meet a blend of the world’s most demanding green constructing certifications. The task is the 1st MINERGIE-certified residence in North America, earning the prime rating of MINERGIE-P-ECO. In addition, it has accomplished Passive Property PHIUS+, is pending LEED for Properties Platinum, and has reached Net Zero energy use by incorporating onsite solar panels. It is anticipated to be a single of the couple of homes in the globe licensed by both MINERGIE and Passive Home Institute US.

Even though reaching the environmental sustainability specifications of the project, the residence efficiently maintains a rigorous kind that responds to the client’s programmatic requirements. Found on the southern slope of a mountain overlooking the Willamette Valley’s rich wine region, the Karuna Residence gives spectacular views of the hills and the town of Newberg, Oregon, below. 2 towers anchor the Karuna House to the earth, marking the area of double-height spaces and vertical circulation.

Wood and glass volumes seem to alternately cling to and slide past the towers. These factors have the living spaces, and are organized to maximize views to the south and east while graciously separating social spaces from the private and guest spaces. Sited in an location famous for its rust-colored soil, the home’s exterior palette is composed of supplies and colors that reflect the tones of its surroundings. The interior finishes cast a warm minimalism saturated in natural light, making it possible for the owner’s eclectic art assortment to consider center stage.

The super-insulated envelope is made to be airtight. Solar heat obtain is controlled via the use of exterior operable blinds that shade triple-glazed wood windows. Heating, cooling, and hot water are supplied by an efficient heat pump method, and a heat recovery ventilator provides the spaces with a continuous provide of fresh, preheated air. The home’s tight constructing enclosure is expected to outcome in the usage of 90% significantly less heating and cooling vitality than a typical house.

Karuna House’s client, a top proponent of sensible climate policy and sound land use, is pursuing the undertaking as a situation research to shed light on the methods that the top green creating certifications and specifications complement and/or conflict with 1 yet another.”

Photographs courtesy of Holst Architecture

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