JFR by Fougeron Architecture

By Magaly – Classes: Bedroom, Decorative Accessory, Furniture, House, Interior Design, Landscaping, Lighting, Terrace   

JFR is a getaway residence situated in Large Sur, California.

It was made by Fougeron Architecture

JFR by Fougeron Architecture:

“Steep canyon walls dominate this wooded web site up coming to a creek in California’s Huge Sur area. When the owners initial commissioned us, nearby governing agencies have been intent on leaving the land as it was-overgrown and uninhabited. Even so, working with 10 consultants over 3 and a half years, we pleased all the specifications essential to create a modernist 2,500-square-foot 2-bedroom loved ones retreat right here.

The framework sits lightly on the land, respecting the ecologically fragile nature of the internet site, and is exactly attuned to its forces. A formal object in a normal context-like Stevens’s jar on a hill-the house holds its very own in this tall, cavernous location, neither dominating it nor dwarfed by it.

The constructing is composed of 4 volumes created of distinct interwoven resources that create visually and spatially complicated exterior and interior spaces. The principal volume, clad in standing seam copper, runs parallel to the canyon. Its thin butterfly roof sits delicately over a band of extruded channel glass, connected to the roof framework by thin rods that are invisible from the exterior. These rodlike columns, which grow to be wider as they go even more down into the walls, are utilised to lift the complete structure 2 and a half feet off the ground, minimizing its impact on the land. At both ends of the property, 2-story clear windows frame views of the redwoods and the canyon ridge, bringing in vistas of the sky-sunny by day, starry by night.

A a single-story volume in the front half of the residence comprises all of the service functions-cooking, bathing, washing-whilst a customized steel-and-glass volume at the back opens to views of the creek. The 4th volume, the staircase, clad in stucco, acts as both the house”s seismic structural brace and a visual foil to the shimmering, transparent volumes floating all around it.

The plan explores the tensions inherent in loved ones getaways: open areas for communal living personal spaces for solitary retreats and outside expanses for rest. A mixture of transparent glass and extruded channel glass displays and dapples the light during, generating a dynamic play of brightness and shadow.”

1st Level
Second Level
Web site Program

Photographs by: Richard Barnes

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