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House LS By DmvA

House LS

Extravagant layout for the Home LS in Wemmel, Belgium is work of crew architects from dmvA practice, learn a lot more of their exclusive remedy after the leap:

From the Architects:

The municipality of Wemmel, located on the outskirts of Brussels, is properly recognized for its green locations with their monumental villas of the upper class. After a search of a number of years, the principal saw a property located in a single of people quarters. It was not his dream home but due to the fact of its marvelous location and the south orientated backyard, he made the decision to buy it.

dmvA was commissioned to flip the rather classical home into a modern edifice. No sooner explained than carried out, but the reality that also the neighbors had to approve the style to get a constructing license, as prescribed in the developing regulations, had a great affect on the layout. So no total ‘metamorphosis’ of the current home, just little interventions. The façades of the present property were painted white. The interior was furnished in black and white. The swimming pool was renovated and framed by an illuminating glazed ‘retaining wall. Lastly, 2 sculptural white volumes had been extra connecting within and outdoors, linking property, pool and garden.

Project: Home LS
Made by dmvA
Layout Team: David Driesen, Tom Verschueren, Katrien Geerinckx, Gregory Chapelle
Common Contractor: BATI bvba
Structural Engineer: ASB
Location: 50. sqm
Area: Wemmel, Belgium
Internet site:
Photography: Frederik Vercruysse

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