Hideg Property by Béres Architects

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This beautiful home combines wood and stone to produce a rough background for its luminous and stylish interior

Positioned in Koszeg, Hungary, its name is Hideg Home, and it was made by Béres Architects.

Hideg Home by Béres Architects:

“Focusing on sculptural cliffs and pleasant hillside woods, Hideg-ház is an unusual object in the landscape of the outskirts of Koszeg, a charming historical town in Hungary.

The web site had been used as a quarry a couple of cenutries in the past so the exposed rock encounter was a single of the strongest elements of the atmosphere. In order to get sufficient direct sunlight all-year-extended and to remain close to the sculptural cliffs, the developing had been positioned about 10 meters over the street that runs along the bottom of the valley.

“An abstract footprint of a family’s life style – probably these are the greatest phrases to describe the floor plan” architect Attila Béres says. The wooden cabin is floating a few methods above the natural terrain. The 2 components are tied collectively with a thick black frame. These units taken apart develop room for the covered outdoors terrace which grew to become the central space of the cabin with its excellent views in the direction of the colourful varieties of the exposed rocks and the woods on the south side.

Normal lights and views to the surrounding nature had been the most crucial elements at the arrangement of spaces. The sound and open surfaces of the 110 sqm developing react to these aspects as effectively – large but shaded openings in the direction of the best views on the south side, glimpses of the rock from accentuated spots on the north.

The contrast between the rough sawn larch cladding stained black on the exterior surfaces and the exact same materials with normal finish and smooth surface on the within leads visitors towards the interior spaces. The clear white walls in the interior choose up the random colors of the sky and the surroundings.

The developing is situated in a country with quite various climate. Sizzling summers and cold winters wish a intelligent mix of architectural choices to preserve the cabin cozy and easy to run in all 4 seasons. The customers had a clear notion about what they needed to obtain in terms of constructing services and comfort. A combination of high-tec and straightforward ecological answers resulted in incredibly minimal power consumption and moderate creating price.

Hideg-ház is the initial project realized by Attila Béres and Jusztina Balázs. The youthful architecture company began the design of this constructing in 2009 when Mr. Hideg noticed Attila Béres in Wallpaper magazine’s Graduate Directory – an yearly record of talented younger architects. Thorough layout and development of the cabin finished in 2013.

Mr. Hideg and his wife invested 3 years on internet site to create this exactly comprehensive and customized-tailored residence by hand. They carried out practically each phase of development from cleansing the cliffs to creating custom furnishings. Their devotion and insistent enthusiasm had crucial significance along the approach of design and development of the vacation residence.”

Images by: Tamás Bujnovszky

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