Haus von Arx by Haberstroh Schneider

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Haus von Arx is a residential project completed by Haberstroh Schneider.

It was finished in 2012, and it is found in Binningen, Switzerland.

Haus von Arx by Haberstroh Schneider:

“The former building – originally constructed in 1951 – had been extended, converted and renovated several occasions more than the past many years. As a consequence, it presented itself as an accumulation of heterogeneous rooms and styles.

In discussions with the new owner we developed the concept of minimizing the building to each its unique size and main qualities. The dismantling of all the previous added aspects named for a controlled addition of new expansions. These new volumes were clustered at the western side of the plot, touching the outdated building only in a single place. While the previous building had been freed from any disturbing elements and thus restored to its classic elegance, the new cubes present a composition of simple and plastically diminished volumes. The cubes, according to their diverse place, spacing and dimension, generate fascinating passageway- and patio-circumstances with the previous building.

To the south-western side of the plot we eliminated the former winter garden. In its spot we constructed a generous, open garden pavilion which functions well as mediating element among previous building, pool spot and the garden.”

Photos by: Fernando Guerra

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