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Great apartment in Moscow

1-hammock on the ceiling

The apartment is remarkable and fantastic is in a Moscow apartment, which is a surprise. The expanse of this incredible apartment of 33 square meters, the apartment has a living area, shelves and storage lockers, 2 bedrooms, and a area to keep.

2-beautiful hammock

The venture is considered out design company Ruetemple. This space has been created for the apartment teens who can study, perform, and unwind with close friends.

3-large lamp

The apartment is quite practical, it is divided into 2 floors, divided by a staircase to the 2 comfy zone. The very first zone is provided for work and review, and the second zone is divided into zones for ease and comfort.

4-black furniture

Near the stairs there are 2 convenient functioning room with big wheels that are developed for storage., And between the beams is a zone with a massive hammock as an alternative of the ceiling, at the cost of the area a massive amount of illumination. Above the stunning and large hammocks hanging lamp in the shape of large pears, which are well lighted room in the evening.

5-light furniture

Next to the hanging hammocks have a seating location – a mattress on which to rest or rest. On the ground floor of the furnishings is created in the design of a cube that is conveniently decomposed.

6-top shelf

Cube furnishings on the ground floor may possibly vary, depending on the needs of the residents can turn h chill out, lounge, or a bed, which is actually hassle-free and basic.

7-folding furniture

Stairs to the second floor can serve as a shelf on which to place books and other products. On these shelves can get to the library.

8-great mattress

The windows in the fantastic area with plenty of light, a room carried out in a Scandinavian fashion, the floor is sand color, is created of organic wood.

9-black furniture

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