Gorgeous home with wood trim


This cute and nation house, found in Italy, the property is built with light shades. The space is lovely, smart, and stunning wooden furniture. The windows are beautiful and very fascinating, is not direct, as normal, and on the roof. Situated instantly above the bed, which is really sensible, practical, and at night you can appear at a beautiful night sky, the stars. Pillows in the interior are constructed of natural components – flax.


One more bedroom is located in the corner of the area, wood paneled walls, and the other portion of the space gray, flanked by gorgeous and huge tables, bed linen vivid, clean and stunning. Along the edges are stunning and cozy lighting. Also, there is a gorgeous and practical shelf, the place the vases, books, paintings, pictures.


Living room flows seamlessly into the kitchen, dining table made for 4 people, and also owns a handy desk lamp that lights up the dining area effectively. The kitchen is little but very comfortable. The front space is a beautiful coffee table and untreated wood.

4-riangular window

The sitting area has a stunning triangular window, which is also a balcony, adjacent to the dining table is a lovely fireplace, which decorates and paved with stone, and extremely beautiful. Near the windows, there are gorgeous curtains, pastel colours, and appear really great.

5-small fireplace

Organized about a coffee table, ottomans and chairs, the place you can sit and  relax. Go through a guide or get pleasure from the fire.

6-beautiful table

The room has lots of organic light, and it is on the roof, the place the windows, and there are windows and a balcony that is sensible and sensible.

7-beautiful carpet

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