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Gorgeous and delicate apartments

1-a spacious living room

In the interior there are a huge amount of mirrors, silver, pleasant shades of the shade of coffee with milk, the color of the American, this apartment Ukrainian designer have produced.

2-white wall

The interior combines a selection of fascinating and lovely designs. The apartment was manufactured ​​in the intelligent property. The residing room floor is laid pearly light shade, in a space of mirrors and a large quantity of opaque material, which seems extremely nice.

3-beautiful fireplace

In the hallway there is a closet that is produced of glass and decorate it in a unique kind. In the living area the place there is a wall mirror Bio Fireplace white. Furnishings has a luxurious velvet shades, and comfortable seats that can be lean. The fireplace is a chest that resembles a suitcase, but he is a little table.

4-beautiful chandelier

The corridor of the large simple, there are a huge quantity of cabinets, and a gorgeous mirror the mosaic. Near the mirror is a narrow table for equipment. Striped wallpaper in the area and have a huge strip.

5-beautiful kitchen

The kitchen is massive and spacious is cozy, and the workplace might come out on the dining table has a round form and has a matte glass table best, the chairs are very soft and cozy. Kitchen furniture on the white tile on the floor mixed with the color of the walls.

6-a large bedroom

A spacious bedroom and a massive bed white shade of the wallpaper in the very same style headboard with a beautiful white soft curved line, white curtains produced of chiffon. Near the bed stand tables, cozy seating close to the women’s table stands a beautiful ottoman.


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