Fresh & Vivid Property

7-convenient shelves

The vivid apartment, which is filled with white, interior cheerful and merry. The inside utilizes a hefty number of supported merchandise, or those that have been set up at a flea market place. The complete region is 60 square meters.

8-board with inscriptions

The kitchen holds a huge quantity of shelves for wine, there are shelves for cereals, and spices that are in vivid banking institutions. Likewise there is a mess, which grows herbs, which is really practical and sensible.

9-bright fabrics 5-comfortable kitchen

Kitchen corner on the within, there are many perform surfaces with lovely covers. The interior of the kitchen is also used white colour, which is lower with vibrant objects, and appurtenances.

1-bright loft 4-shop on the stairs

The dining location is sited near a window, a table of white shade along a metal stem, around the table are white chairs with black cushions. Close to shelves has a span of open ledges, exactly where there is a tableware and accessories, paintings, dishes.

2-green bedroom

The interior makes use of modest windows that are backlit. In the residing space at that area is a minimal ledge, along which stand the painting, at that place is a comfy open shelf basket. On shelves with windows have vases, books, and other supplements.

6-bright living room

In the living space formed division and zoning rooms, there is a circular sofa, gray, where you can unwind in the eves. The blank walls are lower via with gorgeous paintings, with vivid accents. Table kind has the pattern of a circular tray.

3-convenient partition

In another nook of the space is an outdated and little chest of drawers on quick branches, bearing on the nightstand globe, which can be worked into the evenings, as additional lighting fittings.

11-working area 13-working area 11-interesting hooks 10-comfortable bedroom

Near the window is a narrow and lengthy chalkboard, on which you can get out, leave notes, or make a list.  The chamber is massive and spacious, trimmed with white clapboard for conserving area in the interior utilised hanging cabinets.

12-cloakroom 15-hidden closet 14-practical bathroom

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