Estar Residence by REC Arquitectura

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Mexican architectural firm REC Arquitectura has produced the Estar Property.

Finished in 2012, this contemporary home features a large L-shaped concrete wall that serves as the primary load-bearing framework, whilst also delivering heating by way of its thermal inertia abilities.

Estar House by REC Arquitectura:

“What else need to we as architects propose for a “home” past a functional, modular design, or with few structural resources exposed, amongst other items? This task sought to respond responsibly to the household with a passive method that saves much more than 85% vitality, and above all, an inner daily life for landscape, with mobile spaces that in the future will be able to readapt their wants.

The residence utilizes an L-shaped concrete wall that beyond doing work as a load-bearing wall, includes thermal inertia abilities, storing and dissipating heat when it is necessary by way of a heatsink in electronics, as the area exactly where it is positioned tends to be amazing-temperate.

Like the furniture in a home that makes it possible for the user to change the space, we design and style a double-height area in between the dining and living room, at the moment used as a courtyard. This spot of the residence is prepared for the addition of the pool, it will supply a covered space for it and at the same time it will create a new terrace upstairs, limiting heat loss.

Apart from architecture, we think it is essential to share stories like: the taste for painting the home brought upon one particular of its inhabitants, or simply the gas supplier’s comment stunned because he imagined that as he was not supplying the residence with the exact same frequency as the rest of neighbors, he assumed the residence was becoming supplied by yet another business, as architects we think about it worthwhile to believe of the house a lot more like a property, than as mere architectural descriptions.”

Images by: Yoshihiro Koitani

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