Door decoration in Christmas holidays


Before the new year there are only 4 days, and perhaps not all decorated your house and doors, for example, know by their looks, and is distinguished by the entryway. Doors should be beautifully decorated and festive. In this selection of photos you will find plenty of colorful and interesting ideas.

Your front door is sure to adorn your doorstep at home. Seeing a beautiful patio and decorated your guests will want to spend with your event. To decorate the porch, there are many accessories. Input can decorate homemade accessories and purchased for example buy a garland , balls, or decorate with candy. Porch can decorate LED ribbon green garland wreath can do yourself or buy.

Garland or branches can be constructed of twigs, beautiful and green or simply make of twigs , you can also get a garland out of ice with the addition of berries, and leaves you can simply select the frame and pasted her toys beautiful accessories. Christmas trees can be purchased in pots and decorate it with bright balloons with sparkles.

You can use artificial materials: snow, glitter, green moss or artificial branches. Near the house, you can put the figures of deer, Santa Claus and the Christmas fairy-tale characters. To build your porch bright and inviting need to employ a large amount of light, warm, which will surround the entire household.

Do not cut the trees around the house, decorate their beautiful balls, wreaths, or homemade trinkets. You can hang on the branches of pine cones, apples, tangerines. Do not forget about the red tape, they will produce a festive atmosphere. Bells and angels will look really nice and genuine. You can also put a large candle in beautiful candlesticks, worth only think tank in which the flame will remain, but it will not be dangerous for the fire.


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