Decor apartments with rustic flair


This house has been varied to every item, it has been repaired. The mansion is sited in Spain. The home is constructed of a excellent bit of trees he exudes elegance and appeal.


In the living space, one wall of the space is decorated with plenty of mirrors, also has a stove, wood. Close to the wall there is a stunning shelf in the form of artificial fireplace, which functions as a shelf for books.


Furniture in the interior is outdated and exhausted hunting, but yet classy and vintage. Sofa decorated with colorful cushions with a assortment of marks.


The residing room holds a dining table, the ceiling has white beams, which receive a rounded shape acquainted tree. Floor in the interior looks like a red brick.


The decor is a diverse Glassware French type, or porcelain with brilliant blooms.


Near the kitchen and the dining table is a stairway that leads to the 2nd level. Stairs manufactured of a metal frame with wooden stairs.


The kitchen is modest, contrived solely for cooking, use lower countertop that hide behind curtains, all built-in appliances in the kitchen, the walls do not have additional shelves. A little island in the center of the kitchen makes it possible for you to lunch.


Posted in kitchen hood range, which is practiced in a country fashion, has a window that is opposite the sink, which seems to be at a good deal of daylight.


Kids’s space, spacious, manufactured out with vintage submit. There is a bunk bed, which makes it possible for youngsters to crawl.


Grownup bedroom spacious and relaxed textile utilised in modest flower, there is furnishings for clothes, a comfy lounge, beside the bed broad tables for table lamps and flowers.

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