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Cozy loft in Brooklyn

1-Bicycles on the wall

This exceptional loft positioned in the heart of Brooklyn. The apartment has huge windows and spacious, earlier this apartment was wonderful and spacious factory for the manufacturing of textiles, so the owners have received such a massive window.

2-House to house

Modern day designer Terry Chao made the decision to make lifestyle less difficult for the proprietors of the apartment, and left a great deal of natural light, and shared a really intriguing bedroom and bathroom, and a residing area, and it has built 2 homes, and the ceiling allowed to do so due to the fact it is really substantial.

3-second house

The 2 firms have a various objective, a easy trip to the lodge rustic traditional, and the 2nd residence seems like a tree house, this apartment is a bit like a youngsters’s space with an adult type, and appears very unique.

4-high ceiling

A little area of the house is constructed of simple plywood houses, they incorporate the 2 the workplace and the bedroom, which is really practical and useful. Inside the residence is really cozy, due to substantial ceilings, a feeling of solitude with nature, if a home is not in the apartment and on the street, which is very pleasing.


Given the selection of interior, furnishings is hardly employed, as there are no decorative equipment that it was not achievable to clutter it with needless add-ons, in effect there is the sheer minimalism, and that makes the apartment a relaxed, spacious, there’s not even a closet, there is only hanging on the hanger exactly where and stir all the garments and looks quite great, and disorder in the closet never ever will be. The walls in the interior painted in white colour and with him effectively with light wood planks.

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