Coral Gables Residence by Touzet Studio

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Coral Gables Residence was made by Touzet Studio, and is situated in Miami, Florida.

The property has stunning views in excess of Biscayne Bay, and an interior that is chic and fashionable.

Coral Gables Residence by Touzet Studio:

“The consumer for this residence is a pioneer in the engineering discipline and a committed modernist. The project is situated on a waterfront site in Coral Gables, dealing with east, with views across Biscayne Bay to Downtown Miami and the barrier islands of Essential Biscayne.

The City of Coral Gables has a prescriptive zoning code that favors historical “styles” more than modern layout. This obvious conflict between our client’s fantasy of a modern property and the City’s classically-oriented style code informs the layout. The “City-side” façade presents itself as 2 restrained stone-clad volumes – a “mask” clad in materials very considerably recognized with the architecture of Coral Gables. The reduce volume is rough-hewn Florida Keystone and the bigger, primary volume is clad in honed Simena limestone. The mask is penetrated by only 2 openings on the western façade and a “frieze” of windows over. Even the sculptural roof is hidden from see of the street. The accurate nature of this home is expressed on the water side of the residence – in the private realm in which fantasies for a soaring roof and resources belonging to the present could be expressed.

The City requirements of a sloping tiled roof were re-interpreted into a series of sloping planes that are floating over glass clerestories. Glass walls hold up the sculptural roof – which provide shade and safety to the comprehensive outside terraces.”

Floor Strategy

Pictures by: Robin Hill

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