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Colorful Apartment – Studio Designers Cris And Marcelo Rosenbaum From Sao Paulo


This brilliant apartment belongs to the talented designers Cris and Marcelo Rosenbaum. Loved ones designers to develop each piece thoughtfully and lovingly, no a single space they have not forgotten apartment replete with shiny accessories. Marcelo Rosenbaum has worked as an interior designer for over 20 many years, and he is running the well-liked system Frame Property Sweet Property on Globo Tv. In his property, and they positioned the property and operating studio, to be closer to their children.


Objects and equipment in the space can be regarded infinite, every of them involves. Stacks of magazines, explained that the owners are always monitoring the innovations in vogue and not only.


The unique shelf is fixed straight to the wall, the wall all around the shelves seem a minor scruffy, colorful boards develop a sense of antiquity.


A big amount of intriguing pieces, specially attracted heads of various sizes, with various facial expressions.


In this area is a large assortment of areas where you can sit comfortably, not only grownups but also young children just for this and put a red elephant.


The instrument area did not like the toilet or bathroom, dark glossy tiles with exciting patterns, and the sink is to be extremely reduced, appears colorful and vibrant rug develop an environment.


Designers really like the plants, they do not personal pets, they really like absolutely everyone, and especially crawling in a chaotic method, for it was made in the wall shelves.


The kitchen is created very brightly, and is complete of fascinating and colorful tiles with distinct forms, but in the exact same design, is laid not only on the floor, but also on the wall. On the dining table is a massive bowl with gorgeous brilliant pink orchids.

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