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Classy Swedish Apartment

1-attic room

The tiny apartment is built in the Swedish style, and seems to be genuinely nice in the within. This lovely loft has a small spot of only 90 square meters. The complete apartment is really innovative and interesting.

2-beautiful staircase

Every single corner of the room laid out in detail in the interior of a really large ceiling, and they are really expand the area. All rooms are modern and show creativity.

3-comfortable dining table

The apartment is a really charming residing room, a spacious kitchen and white, each zone is really well thought out, many functional regions.

4-beautiful terrace

The kitchen in the apartment and a wonderful terrace with sliding doors and windows, enabling you to take pleasure in the beautiful sight from the window on nature. Comfort food is the fact that the windows and sliding doors, which is extremely hassle-free.

5-white kitchen

The kitchen is developed in white usually seems to be really gorgeous, there are loads of shelves for storing utensils, tools. The wall in the kitchen close to the work area trimmed with gray tiles.

6-white bedroom

A sleeping room with a really straightforward decoration, raw plaster, seems to be extremely bumpy, but beautiful. The floor in the space is light, and fits effectively with light-colored walls, change the nightstand light chair, nightstand and fascinating.

7-light floor

The terrace is produced in extremely light shades, the base is manufactured of wood, the wall is also produced of wood, fascinating wooden ladder serves as shelves for candlesticks, and also has lovely indoor plants.

8-toilet in the room

Bathroom accomplished really effectively, there is a washing machine, tumble dryer, which is place on best, which is extremely handy and does not get up considerably space. WC also positioned in a light shade, with raw plaster. Near the basin is lined with gorgeous, fine mosaic that seems to be extremely contemporary.

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