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CH Property By Domb Architects

CH House Domb

Domb Architects operates on a reconstruction of an outdated home named CH Residence which is located in the suburb of Tel-Aviv, Israel.

CH House Domb

From the Architects:

The style is clean and extremely restricted in architectural elements. Simple finish resources: white plaster, iron and glass. The previous home served the family members whilst raising kids. Now, when the kids left residence, it is residence for the couple and serves for internet hosting the family members and the grandchildren. The clientele wished a modern day house with out ranges, open, but with intimate corners for the family.

It was important for the couple to keep at the identical neighbourhood, but to construct a property in accordance to their new requirements. Considering that they didn’t succeed to uncover land they loved, and favored to stay in the old residence setting – they determined to construct a new home on the old home base. Not to ruin the previous infrastructure – but planed to use it for the new house. A whole lot of positive aspects are in renovating previous property: Understanding the far and near setting, understanding the web site and the current prepare, adopting them to the new wants of the new program, as properly as conserving cash and time of building permits and renovation.

CH House Domb

Due to the fact we left the current skeleton base, floor heights stays low, and the old floors and columns- formed a great deal of arranging problems. The new layout utilised strong architectural language that distinct the volumes of the creating and hide the outdated columns and ceilings. Because of the minimal ceiling height we had to redesign wisely the lighting technique and the air conditioning- not to decrease the ceilings (Air situation hides in the walls). At perform we had to align the frame of the property, and had to fill up to 8 cm thick plaster.

CH House Domb CH House Domb CH House Domb

The building is close in the front and sides, and quite open to the back garden Small variety of practical spaces -projecting in the quantity of openings. Fewer bedrooms – demands fewer windows. Hefty sealed shell on 3 sides, in contrast with big glass walls to the back – reinforcing the connection of the property to the garden. Hefty beam, surrounding the home and backyard area, shading doorways and seating locations. At the entrance a large water element, a “reflecting pool”, this reflects the front of the residence as a mirror, relaxing and creates “white noise” that disconnects the entrance from the noisy outside road. A floating wooden bridge leads guest to the massive “front door”.

Home revolves about a central staircase – transparent and connects the different spaces of the open ground floor. On a single side- of the living room and loved ones area, front dining space, and the kitchen with the intimate dining corner, pantry and outdoors kitchen. The kitchen is created by Italian business ” Boffi” – partially open to the residing area and hides functioning corners. The dining location off the kitchen, internal and external – is employed for eating and managing the household every day’s lifestyle. The Husband’s dream was to have “outside working kitchen” in the garden, that linked to the back pantry and kitchen.

CH House Domb

Spacious living room and accommodates several visitors, furnished with relaxed and sophisticated Italian furnishings. The mixed family area subsequent to the residing space with a specific library – rapidly grew to become the center of the property. Intimate and cozy. The home central staircase hiding the huge dining spot, which hosts the family with direct link to the gorgeous back backyard. Minimalist glass doors, invisible, and hidden within the walls width. A lot of the social existence in Israel requires location outside, so there are massive surfaces for gathering and eating in the back garden.

CH House Domb CH House Domb CH House Domb CH House Domb

On the second floor- spacious mothers and fathers suite, with balcony that overlooking the backyard. Entering by way of the wide closet that brings to a huge bedroom and large and luxurious bathroom, with cost-free standing bath and massive shower. The basement is functional – Game space for the grandchildren, Fitness area, intimate office and added guest suite. A intelligent technique controls the electrical power, communication system, audio video and air issue -and operated by an i-mobile phone. New life to present structure, without destroying the remnants of the previous, trying to preserve as significantly of the possible. New life for up coming twenty many years, to a gladdened and extended loved ones.

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Task: CH Property
Made by Domb Architects
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Internet site:

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