Case by Jun Igarashi Architects

By Jessica • 25 mins in the past

Situation is a cozy residential venture finished in 2012 by Jun Igarashi Architects.

It is found in Sapporo, Japan, and has an interior that is clear and bright.

Situation by Jun Igarashi Architects:

“This house is located on the suburb of the city of Sapporo. The website is a common suburban subdivision and height big difference amongst the street is huge.

Footprint is established by developing coverage and wall retreat of the architectural law and the slope of the web site technique. I set the extended corridor of entrance as a buffer zone(windbreak space) among the massive heat load room.

Since of the website spot is little,to set the buffer area into the inside is hard. So I spread the thoughts and invent the space of increasing plant on Stainless Steel Wire about the property as the new sort of buffer zone between outside and inside.”

Photos by: Daici Ano

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