Casa Riemersa by Davide Volpe Architetto

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Casa Riemersa is a personal residence positioned in Biella, Italy.

It was created by Davide Volpe Architetto in 2013.

Casa Riemersa by Davide Volpe Architetto:

“I researched the synthesis of the purpose with the fantasy taking a lengthy period of time whilst I considered more than at the type of the place and how to take care of the dynamics just before to give myself the pleasure of the architecture.

Soon after possessing bought this component of factory no longer in use which was a portion of the outdated industrial compound of Fila Sport, which has a certain form that reminds the wings of a butterfly in aerial projection, the very first activity has been to make re-emerge the north side that has been underground for decades.

At the end of the excavating the facade presented a sort of layering and overlapping of supplies that we’ve meticulously kept and preserved following an correct activity of renewal that reminds much more an archeological intervention than an architecture one.

The anti-fire tank has been transformed in a swimming pool, the old drain in stone has become a barbecue, the kitchen cupboard has turn out to be the wardrobe of my young children Nina and Iago.

Inside the glass walls with one particular light set up a constant dialogue with the inside and outdoors by way of a path articulated by a library that develops in 50 meters (160 feet) lengthy, constructed with previous developing site’s boards, origin of a childhood memory that requires as illustration the Osvaldo Cavandoli’s line throughout the second of expectation of the evening Carosello, extraordinary magic second of that period.

The shades of the walls, of the ceiling and the floor it is special in buy to kind a large and neutral container of objects of art and of daily daily life.

The light is an vital complement, it penetrates and continually transforms the volumes providing variable sensations.
The imaginative approach, taking in consideration that we’re speaking about architecture, has not been exempted from conflicts with actuality, but the primary component has been functionality that are not able to be deprived of the sensibility of the creator in buy not to consider the risk to be just a building.

A home considered and constructed for a peaceful family members daily life, empty of decorations and colors, components that my young children will be in a position to fulfill in the subsequent years to come.”

Photographs courtesy of Davide Volpe Architetto

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