Casa López / Lujano by Oficina three Estudio

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Casa López / Lujano is an eco-pleasant personal residence designed by Oficina 3 Estudio.

Located in Tijuana, Mexico, the home’s design makes it possible for for an abundance of organic light to movement by means of the interior.

Casa López / Lujano by Oficina 3 Estudio (1) Casa López / Lujano by Oficina 3 Estudio (2) Casa López / Lujano by Oficina 3 Estudio (3) Casa López / Lujano by Oficina 3 Estudio (4) Casa López / Lujano by Oficina 3 Estudio (5) Casa López / Lujano by Oficina 3 Estudio (6) Casa López / Lujano by Oficina 3 Estudio (7)

Casa López / Lujano by Oficina 3 Estudio:

Affordability + Resource effective + Modularity + Recycled Content + Directed Openness

The design and style response in this developed venture, as stated by the owners, is to untie their co-dependence on external vitality supplies, will self-provide electrical power with solar energy, gray water will be re-employed, the all-natural managed garden acts as a Rainwater-Harvesting Technique, to be utilised for growing vegetables and other plants.

To protect privacy, deliver in light whilst minimizing unwanted solar heat acquire, and provide connection to nature, we oriented a big window wall north to the back yard, sloping the ceiling of the excellent area up to enhance the light and connection to nature in that area. The sloping roof also offers a surface ideal for mounting the 13.4 kW PV system. Other constructing faces have smaller, punched windows that maximize light as well as privacy.

The following factors had been taking in to consideration as fundamental ideas to our design.


The most crucial thing about this waste is how effectively created it is. Mainly simply because it is mass-developed for problems in industrial automation.

Affordability By direct use of this components determined waste from other industries decrease value of raw resources, and offers the constructing task with an aesthetic established by the physical properties of materials in its all-natural located state. The effectiveness of these techniques depends on the capacity of the separation of recoverable waste make sure maximum recovery of the materials. For that reason, this residual waste generated from post-industrial process, can be utilized immediately or might be subjected to some form of manipulation or treatment.

Recovery + Logistics + Application = Re-utilised

Kind + Structural ideas

Variety concrete structural rings accountable for the transmission of loads to the floor, joined by a concrete basis slab and roof define the internet site-created CMU inner framework.

The blend of 3 primary factors defines the morphology of these constructing the architectural pieces or creating parts are incorporated as walls, linings and envelope or skin, this latter, an critical component of the inner workings of the home. The envelope (skin) is the outer layer mediating in between the constructing and its surroundings.


By Constant management of usage of resources. We took on the fabrication of this wooden skin membrane, constructed largely by refurbished wood utilized in prior in building method, and wood discarded from local factories, aided by a lattice of perforated metal all around its surface the 2 act as thermal barrier. This boundary also contains the boundary between conditioned area and restrict the friction amongst the constructing and a shifting context more than time.”

Photos courtesy of Oficina 3 Estudio

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