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Casa do Patio by Leo Romano


Layout for this wonderful residence named Casa do Patio in warm Goiania, Brazil, comes from the drawing board of creative architect Leo Romano. Check out the house following the break:

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From the Architects:

The design and style of this residence in Goiania, dates back to modern day Brazilian architecture, in which straight lines and easy demarcate the development celebration. From the outside, the play of volumes is required. Few strategies define the façade that delicately conceals the day-to-day lives of residents. Inside, the property reveals no mysteries, creating clear the distribution of sectors and their environments. It all comes back to the courtyard. Therefore, visual permeability and usability is complete, supplying day to day household living with a hefty, reinforced by the architecture.

Source Contemporist. *

Task: Casa do Patio
Designed by Leo Romano
Area: Goiania, Brazil

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