Casa del Bosque by Taller|A arquitectos

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Casa del Bosque is a personal residence designed by Taller|A arquitectos.

It is located in Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico and was finished in 2011.

Casa del Bosque by Taller|A arquitectos:

“The land exactly where this residence is component of a densely wooded, is an isolated and subject to powerful natural and environmental constraints, this resulted in a task that respects the present trees and the construction implant had minimal effect on the surroundings.

Components were chosen not look out to the forest in search of a quiet image and with out fanfare, the walls had been built with rammed earth (rammed earth) and the use of wood gives the house a delicate harmony with the natural environment aided discovered and air conditioning demands.

The floor of the house develops linearly, on one particular degree, with massive glass sliding doors broadly linking interior and exterior, incorporating trees close to it, the surface was cost-free of vegetation to determine the housing area and shape. Was implanted parallel to the ground trying to use as we explained cost-free surface of trees, marking the largest limitation, it was also made the decision to increase the residence to prevent moisture and give a better impression of lightness to counterpoint with rammed earth walls, the Seeking Balance was the key premise.

The venture is a simple geometry, stripped of every thing superfluous element (compacted earth, wood, glass) the purity of the construction is not only visually speaking formally, also serves to reconcile the undertaking with the surroundings and the appropriate use of the residence: privacy, views and air conditioning.

Home methods had been designed to lessen electrical power consumption, the rainwater is stored and processed for human consumption and heated by solar panels, the black and gray water are also treated just before returning to the floor and electrical energy be obtained from photovoltaic cells and LED lights are finishing a minimal-energy method and energy conserving.”

First Level
Second Level

Photographs by: Luis Gordoa

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