Casa de Madera by Dörr + Schmidt

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Dörr + Schmidt have created the Casa de Madera.

Finished in 2013, this 6,125 square foot contemporary house attributes an exterior produced of recycled wood paneling.

It is situated in a valley near Panquehue, Chile.

Casa de Madera by Dörr + Schmidt:

“The venture is located in the base of the selection that surrounds the Aconcagua Valley in a 10 acres park, surrounded by avocado trees plantations and is tied to the ground by 3 walls of concrete that opens to the plain. The house lies in between these walls generating a series of patios that graduate the space from the interior of the home to the valley. This manner of graduating the room amongst interior and exterior is inspired in the old colonial homes of the Aconcagua valley.

Also rescue the pureness of lines and horizontality of the patrimonial houses of the valley with each other with the rhythm developed by the repetition of volumes and pillars .

The residence was developed primarily utilizing recycled woods except for the cover of the interior walls in which pine tree planks was utilised. The pillars of the property originally was portion of the framework of tunnels of the previous train that crossed Los Andes Mountains from Santiago, Chile to the Argentinian city of Mendoza.”

Photographs by: Marcos Zegers

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