Casa Cantagua by Raimundo Anguita

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Casa Cantagua is a residence developed by Raimundo Anguita in 2011.

It is found in Zapallar, Valparaíso, Chile, and has an interior that is, at the very same time, spacious and warm.

Casa Cantagua by Raimundo Anguita:

“This project of the 2nd housing spots in a condominium near to the sea in between forests of pines and a fantastic distant sight to the ocean. The owners, a huge family, they entrusted a housing with a plan that was permitting to invite several individuals comfortably.

The plant of the housing develops longitudinally in the region, being protected from the south predominant wind in the sector, hereby the home is opened in the direction of the north in which it complements itself with a wide deck.

In the very first floor and, in the very same space, is the residing and dining space separating practically for a double height of 7mts (23ft) in excess of the dining room, following that develops the kitchen that separates or integrates to the rest of the home with a broad sliding door.

In the second floor 4 broad bedrooms are projected in suite with a capability for 14 individuals. The principal bedroom connects with other enclosures across a bridge that crosses the double height of the dining area, granting fantastic independence.

In reference to the materiality, the house is like a trunk of pine, tree that abound in the sector, dark externally and extremely clear in his interior.

The property seems as a south shed, typically of chili, container of the system, with wonderful interior luminosity provided by the huge big windows and 3 lucarnas that cross entirely the ceiling integrating the pines to the interior of the property, there currently being accomplished a extremely cozy property that invites to rest.”

Very first Level
2nd Degree

Photographs by: Oliver Llaneza

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