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Brilliant apartment with a see of the Baltic Sea


This spacious and comfortable, brilliant apartment is charging his vitality and positive. This cozy apartment is located in a modest town Saltsjöbaden, in the municipality of Nacka, in the county of Stockholm, Sweden, west style is much more correct of the Scandinavian style.


The apartment has 3 rooms and a total area of 105 square meters. The most essential room, then – residing room with a massive open room in the residing area, present day decor, and there are plenty of seats for guests.

3-cute bedroom

The sleeping region is modest but really comfortable, the bed is paved with white blanket with gorgeous decorations, there are lovely pillows with broad stripes around the bed and the wall lined with wooden beams wide.

4-a comfortable chair

In the sitting space there is a large number of seats near the window is a lovely light and vivid carved chest of drawers, the place there are books and frames to your images. The room has a relaxed armchair with ottoman.

5-long table

Had dinner Hone was situated close to the corner windows, the floor of the space light pleasant colors, the chairs in the area white with dark legs. Outside the Law hanging bookshelf.

6-big ship

The living area is furnished with light shades, hanging on the wall modern day painting, hanging shelf is light in color, and it is a humorous duck and a large gorgeous ship, which emphasizes the marine theme.

7-beautiful ships

Outdoors the window, spreads a magnificent see of the harbor with stunning boats, and appears quite great and elegant.

8-white kitchen

The kitchen is constructed with white design, all kitchen appliances wisely hidden in closets and are not lying on the table, above the doing work area, the wall is lined with white tiles – mosaic, dining table seats up to 6 individuals, which is very welcome.

9-living room 10-g lighthouse 11-bathroom

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