Brilliant and sweet house


This apartment is only 36 square meters, but she appears very excellent. The interior utilizes the basic white color with bright decorative add-ons and targets. White color blends in with the brilliant accessories that enliven every single corner of the house.


Shell out attention to the brilliant kitchen. White kitchen with vibrant accessories, housewares and banks. Also there is a huge sum of live plants, vivid crocuses enliven the kitchen.


The kitchen delivers a prosperous and gorgeous open shelf on which is placed vivid tableware: plates, cups, vases, and a selection of brilliant accessories.


The interior makes use of lovely and exciting shelf in a triangle, sofa decorated with beautiful and colorful cushions in shades of mint. On the windowsill worthwhile original lamp with gorgeous branches and stunning floor lamp.


Furniture for interior exclusively white, most furnishings is created of wood.


A large bit of bright pillows in the area makes a really festive ambiance, the spring and summertime. The cushions employed vivid textiles, which pleases the eye.


Even video is created into the wall and generates puppet interior. Shelf below the Tv with brilliant white doors. Television adverts over the ledge for books and equipment.


The dining table is clear, pure white is the simple shade. Chairs are brilliant seats that diluted white.


Subsequent to the table stands a gorgeous and fascinating dresser that portrayed vibrant patterns. Along the wall hang vibrant birds that pose a flight on the rampart. The interior of the authentic fixtures is used.


Adorned with lovely candle holders in the contour of the fence. Over the dining table has a lamp that lights up the dining arena.

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