Bright minimalist Scandinavian design

1-bright bathroom

This apartment is mixed with numerous styles, interiors can be extremely diverse and fascinating. The principal fashion – Scandinavian, rustic fashion, and the type of minimalism. The apartment consists of a kitchen, sitting space, dining room, bedroom and bathroom.

2-blue wall

Need to pay consideration to industrial objects in the interior, such as the lamp over the table look really rustic.

3-light cabinet

Color bright kitchen skillfully blends effectively with the shade of the floor, which is really brilliant and pleasant to the eye, moreover they have one texture.


Workplace carried out in Nordic style with an interesting sheen on the wallpaper in the space quite tiny light, simply because there are no large windows, but if a little lamp. Close to the wall is a modest table for the task.

5-large space

Sofa in interior detracts from all other objects, it has a basic frame, but a vibrant color – red, which enlivens the room. The sofa becomes a central room in the interior. This interior can fluctuate vivid objects and information that can be simply modified.

6-beautiful lamps

Dining table in the kitchen is dressed in a easy black handkerchief, seems quite wonderful and straightforward. Due to a lean shelves in the kitchen open shelves Mr. White that you can locate the jar with cereals and tea.

7-light floor

Pluses apartment that she has plenty of open area, tons of windows giving the apartment the day lighting. The area appears a tiny great, but if it is to decorate gorgeous and vivid curtains area sparkle is different.


The owners of this apartment have received an previous stove, which blends effectively with Scandinavian type, white tiled stove pasted, regardless of its massive dimension, it is covered in a blank wall.


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